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  Doors Entrada. Production.
Ltd "Biznes Stroy"
Production and installation of glass show-windows and systems of partitions in Bryansk, Smolensk and Orel.
Installation of show-windows in shops. Doors Entrada.

Doors Entrada

Doors Entrada are high-quality interim doors with the laminated covering of common and special functions.

Application: in accordance with technical characteristics and design, they are perfectly looked in modern interiors of public rooms: offices, banks, shopping centers, hotels and stations, educational and medical institutions.

Design: they are collected by principle "sandwich": stuff, support and stud are riveted with strong material - a wood-fiber plate of high density (HDF). Outside it is laminated - covered with plastic with thickness of 0,5 mm. Laminated plastic, in comparison with other coverings, is more easy cleared, does not fade, it is steady against humidity, changes of temperature, mechanical damages and scratches. As a stuff, tubular wood-shaving plate (DSP) is used. All the components are stuck together, pressed, cut in the size and prepared for accessories.

Advantages: long life time, even in the places of intensive exploitation, absence of "shrinkage" and "bursting" of (saw) blade.

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