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Production and installation of glass show-windows and systems of partitions in Bryansk, Smolensk and Orel.
Installation of show-windows in shops. Convertible partitions Espero.

Convertible partitions Espero

Application: convertible partitions are used for part-time division, extension or reduction of space, with preservation of sound insulation. For the convenience of owners and visitors multipurpose rooms can be created. There is unlimited quantity of spheres where sliding partitions can be used: offices and conference halls of hotels, restaurants, showrooms, schools, hospitals, theatres etc.

Design: the system Sonico consists of separate panels such as "sandwich" which fasten to overhead rail and move along it. The panels are put together and united by principle "a joint in a joint ", forming a wall. The panels made of DSP, have an aluminum frame with steel reinforcing from two sides.

Sound insulation is achieved in the following way: with the help of hermetically sealed sealants along the top and bottom edges of panels, rubber sealants along the edges on a vertical line and due to the use of materials with high sound-proof ability inside the panel. Sound insulation intensifies additionally with the help of sound corking between a frame and external plates. The panels of telescopic type on edges fix a wall in a vertical position, finishing sound condensation.

The system Visio is one of the systems of glass converted partitions. A number of separate panels from tempered glass, with tightening structures from above and from below, are fixed and slide lengthways overhead the rail, made of aluminum. The panels are put together and close mutually, forming a wall. Each panel is individually fixed on the place, guaranteeing a high level of safety. System Visio is delivered with standard panels and one - or two-folding door panels. After the removal of panel fixing, the panels can be moved without any efforts and noise lengthways specially designed overhead system of rails made of aluminum. The system of directing secures ease in work, flexibility in installation or parking of walls in uncountable configurations.

The system Visio 85 is a new concept of joining up a glass partition and soundproofing mobile wall. The system Visio 85 consists of separate panels such as "sandwich" which are fixed on the overhead rail and move along it. The panels consist of an aluminum frame with steel reinforcing and tempered glasses from two sides. Sound insulation is achieved with the help of the expanded sealants from above and from below of the panels and due to rubber sealants along vertical edges.

Advantages: It is difficult to imagine more universal and convenient system for creation of temporary space division. High reliability and sound insulation, magnificent design makes the systems of sliding partitions irreplaceable for multipurpose rooms.

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