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  Plate-and frame glass cover. Production.
Ltd "Biznes Stroy"
Production and installation of glass show-windows and systems of partitions in Bryansk, Smolensk and Orel.
Installation of show-windows in shops. Plate-and frame glass cover.

Plate-and frame glass cover

Application: for trading complexes, both for elite and economy class.

Design: high bearing ability of system units Styleline guarantees maximal durability and rigidity to a partition. The length of a partition in a show-window can reach 6 m, and the height - 3.5 m.

Advantages: glass is located in the centre of a profile that allows optimally balance the loading in construction, and for the show-windows of the greater area - to use glass blocks with the joining of glasses "a joint in a joint ". In the show-windows, simple and red-hot glasses with thickness of 8-10 mm are used.

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