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  Frameless glass covers Glassline. Production.
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Production and installation of glass show-windows and systems of partitions in Bryansk, Smolensk and Orel.
Installation of show-windows in shops. Frameless glass covers Glassline.

Frameless glass covers Glassline

Application: one of the most effective and actual ways of design of trading zones, office rooms and entrance groups.

Design: all-glass partitions are made of tempered glass with thickness of 8-10 mm and tightening aluminum structure, painted on scale RAL. In the system of the partitions Glassline, tempered glass is used which has higher mechanical durability in comparison with usual sheet glass and is used for safe glass cover of structural units (partitions, show-windows, entrance groups). At failure glass breaks up to small fragments which do not injure people. More often transparent, toned or matted glasses are used. The system of partitions is completed with glass or laminated doors in an aluminum frame on all height of a partition. Also frameless glass doors are used: pendulum doors with opening to both sides, plowing doors with opening outside and inside of a room, sliding doors of automatic and manual opening.

Advantages: allow to create completely transparent world of office. Absence of frames makes the system unique for creation of trading zones, allowing fully present production to buyers.

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