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  Office partitions Vision. Production.
Ltd "Biznes Stroy"
Production and installation of glass show-windows and systems of partitions in Bryansk, Smolensk and Orel.
Installation of show-windows in shops. Office partitions Vision.

Office partitions Vision

Application: offices, financial centers and medical institutions, stations, hotels, airports, educational rooms.

Design: the unique profound - floor profile is applied, which geometrical form and sizes allow to hide surface imperfections in the shadow of the deepening. However, for the system Vision, floor and overhead profiles are modified in such a manner that the design allows to adjust a partition on the level of horizon in case of design sizes are not observed, thus, the structure does not stick out the plane of a partition. There is no internal frame in the places of installation of blocks. The blocks snap with each other "a joint in a joint ", reducing the amount of imperfections on the plane of a partition.

Advantages: the assemblage of blocks is carried out on the production of the company, where all is carefully checked. The use of the system "click-system" and an aluminum profile in the blocks allowed reducing a visible part between glasses up to 35 mm.

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