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  glass show-windows, the systems of partitions for shops and trading complexes, interim doors. Production.
Ltd "Biznes Stroy"
Production and installation of glass show-windows and systems of partitions in Bryansk, Smolensk and Orel.
Installation of show-windows in shops. Installation of interim doors and fire-prevention doors.

Due to a narrow specialization of rendered services, the company is ready to offer optimum and checked up by time decisions. The price policy and quality of our work help us to hold certain positions in the Russian market.

The production of the systems of stationary partitions from profiles and glass

The priority direction of company’s activity is the production of structures for the systems of partitions and installation of stationary partitions at offices, medical institutions, trading complexes and other objects.

We give special attention to the sale of fire-prevention partitions that is especially actual when we speak about educational institutions (schools, institutes) or the objects having high demands for fire-prevention safety.

A wide choice of materials and various technological decisions allow optimally divide office space and thus, take into account all your demands for external decoration.

The sale of show-windows for shops and trading complexes

The distinctive feature of show-windows made on the basis of the Dutch technology is the use of bearing structure without using an internal metal frame. The show-windows (partitions) fasten "a joint in a joint": it provides visual ease of design and aesthetically beautiful appearance.

While making glass cover of show-windows both single and double glass is used. The rigidity of contraction is provided with practically invisible interpretive fastening.

Due to reasonable prices and a progressive look, the show-windows with frameless glass cover are widely used while decorating large trading complexes, shops, airports.

Interim doors with glass cover and laminated doors in Bryansk

The limited company "Biznes Stroy" is an official representative of the plant SM "Dorz", which produces interim doors with laminated covering.

The doors Entrada are made of high-quality materials and there is a wide choice of their color decisions. It is possible that the qualified doors might be produced with high demands for noise insulation and fire resistance. Also, the doors with moisture-resistant materials are widely used.