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  Biznes Stroy is the company which renders services of installation of interim office partitions, trading show-windows and installation of mobile sliding partitions
Ltd "Biznes Stroy"
Office design and design of places of business, production of room dividers and office partitions, installation of glass
show-windows, installation of sliding mobile partitions, repairs of shops and office decoration in all regions of Russia.
About the COMPANY
The limited company "Biznes Stroy" is a company of adherents working in the field of development and creation of trading and office spaces by means of modern technologies of construction. We lean on already ten years' experience and on experience of well- known world companies, such as MAARS GROUP B.V. (the Netherlands) and we use technological organization and materials of this holding in our work (the license, the certificate).

Office partitions what for?

Advantages of office partitions before "European repair":
Room partitions allow building up modern stylish office which shows how the management respects its employees and clients, and also - business partners. Besides, this is application of modern western technologies of management by the company and giving the greater status to the image of the firm.

We create individual shape and design of rooms thanks to a wide choice of glass, coloring of metal, laminated colors or covered with natural veneer sheet panels and also we follow the style: openness, transparency and lightness of designs. And as a consequence, labor productivity at office raises and company workers feel themselves better. The modern office of 21 century is completely transparent world of office: in our century of globalization, it is necessary to process information and to make decisions quickly.

- Reduction of requirement for office area on 20 - 25 %;
- Reduction of time on construction and repair (installation and decoration, on the average, takes 3 - 4 days);
- Economy of electric power, access of daylight in distant rooms.

Partitions provide:
- Increase of labor productivity;
- Noise insulation;
- Confidentiality (is achieved by built - in jalousie), at the same time, even partitions from glass allow to fence off employees;
- Control of subordinates;
- Ecological compatibility (there are no crude processes and a smell of paint at installation);
- Flexibility of design at use of sliding partitions;
- An opportunity of re-planning at change of structure and amount of workers;
- An opportunity of lining electric, computer and telephone systems;
- Advantages "Durafort" - wear resistance before glass wallpaper;
- High mobility and transportability of partitions (at moving to a new office you can disassemble all design and without special problems establish it on a new place).

For regions!
The company "Biznes Stroy" during its work has managed to recommend itself not only in Bryansk, but also in the other regions of Russia. We have been working successfully for years with the enterprises of Orel, Smolensk, Moscow and the Moscow region. If it is necessary, you can always contact us and discuss conditions of cooperation.